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Title: Bipolar: My Worthy Foe and Alibi
Author: Adam Dolewski
Date Submitted: 6/20/2011
Email: asdolewski@gmail.com

Poem: Baggage that I set aside
A god-driven force that won’t hide
Chocolate and tears masked flesh and fears
Hot chocolate taken in vain will burn your tongue
A requiem for white roses
Of sirens, gurneys, and isolation rooms

Another needle plunges deep
Trying to find someone who''s invisible
I guess I got my wish…

Someone keeps dealing the cards of insanity
and I’m stuck with the same hand
Trying to jump out of my skin
As guilty as sin
My wounds, they cry for help!
Seeking revenge through a cigarette

Hello mirror it’s been a while…
Where do I begin to heal these wounds of self-denial?...