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Title: Bipolar
Author: Greg Zemlansky
Date Submitted: 6/6/2011

Poem: I hate the way you love me;
you treat me like the dirt on the bottom of my shoes. Suddenly out of the blue one wrong word is said and you fly off the handle without any anger clues.
All I ask is to be loved and respected, but all I get is hollered at that causes my day to be wrecked!
I scratch my head wondering what just happened from a minute a go. We were talking nicely and quietly; then it all changed to this manic depressive low.
What did I say or what did I do to deserve this mess? Living with you is love so sweet splintered fragments of irritable emotional distress!
There is a feeling that grips my heart that you will get better. Hoping that the medicine will help erode the aggressive impulsive behavior!
That time will whammy and kaboom the paranoia that consumes your mind.
Maybe the Bipolar will be left behind!...