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Title: mixed state
Author: Anonymous
Date Submitted: 3/13/2011

Poem: i guess this is what they call a mixed state
when you feel depressed and hypomanic all in the same day
rhymes and thoughts have been flowing out easily
i stop and think to myself, am i ok?
but i dont like the idea of therapy
it makes me feel like im giving up on me
but everyones gonna tell me the contrary
tell me theres no need to be wary
therapy is not that scary
your life will get better and youll feel so merry
but ive tried it before
and i just got more lost and depressed than i did the previous day
doctor made me feel like he was rushing me
quickly came up with a diagnosis
gave me some prescriptions, then said
"I''ll show you to the door miss"
ive always thought to myself
the only real therapist is God
but im having problems talking to him too
guess thats all my fault...