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Title: Truth
Author: kelley sardina
Date Submitted: 1/28/2011

Poem: What is truth?
We all know what the answer is to that Question,
But everyday we ask at what cost
and to whom will it hurt.
We have been taught as children
to always tell the truth
and you will not get in trouble. {who were they kidding}
They forgot to tell us how much the truth can hurt.
The ones you love.
And with that, Maybe that''s why
It''s so hard to tell the truth to the ones we love.
It''s not as if you like to lie to them,
It''s for some reason you think you are protecting them.
But it never really does work out that way, [does it]
You end up just hurting them with the truth
and all the lies to cover the truth.
That''s when the distrust comes in,
and the hatred they have towards you.
And you know you have made them this way,
You broke their heart and have taken
that special feeling away.
That secure feeling...