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Title: Not there yet.
Author: kelley sardina
Date Submitted: 1/28/2011

Poem: Not there yet.
Thinking you should have more,
with all you have learned.
And all you have put in,
But not there yet,
only half way up the mountain.
But not there yet.
Sometimes stopping in the middle
thinking okay I''m there,
Knowing that is your lazy side.
But as you move on,
you always feel as you take one step forward,
you take three steps back.
But is it you causing the steps backwards?
Thinking is drama, your new drug.
Feeling as if you still need to pay
for the things you did.
Again thinking you should have more
But not looking at the great things you do have.
Thinking being open about who you are
and because of that people still wanting to say
"You haven''t changed, Kelley"...