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Title: Hope You Feel Better
Author: Vincent Williams
Date Submitted: 10/31/2010

Poem: Tragic times in ones life can surely push
a person into depression
So you need to change your state of mind with
a positive impression.

When you feel as if you''re falling off of a building
and you can''t stop yourself from falling down
Somehow your life will turn around and once again
you''ll wear a smile not a frown.

Since there are a lot of people that cherish and love you.
I''m sure you''ll take care in everything
you do.

Your happiness is wished for by all your
family and friends
Know that your heart will not break, but it frequently

In your times of trouble cling tightly to friends and family
This is the key to living

To lessen the pain and hurt life can sometimes bring
Be true to faith and hope and don''t worry about a thing....