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Title: Unconditional Love
Author: Danielle Lopez
Date Submitted: 10/9/2010

Poem: She insidiously enters the room
Familiar sweet depravity veiled in beautiful colors of rapture
You flout your true desire, but your tortured mind reels
Wild-eyed and restless, but shhhh…
Her alluring grin draws you closer
She whispers in your ear
Consequences of sublime thrill wane from your consciousness as she slowly undresses your mind
Heightened are perceptions; reason bends as she presses her sweet lips on yours
You wait with bated breath as she implores your lust for bittersweet bliss
Remembering the consummate caress with which she first touched your soul — your disquieted mind enveloped her without vacillation
Masquerading is your frailty
But the torment adorns your being
Your distorted vision blurs your reality as you lose yourself in her arms
Unbound are the shackles of forethought
Her fingers stroke your spirit
You feel the energy seeping through your body
Sneered is apprehension
You feel your heart pump its poisoned blood as she lingers
Smile as you weep; where is the numbing cold?
She cloaks you with promise as her body melds into yours
You let go as she comes into you
Now she is you
And through your eyes is the lonely view...